Messaging & Positioning

Messaging and Positioning

HPI services are organized to align with decisions made by our clients throughout the life cycle of their products, services and brands: Strategy Development, Strategy Implementation, Strategy Performance, and Operational Performance Satisfaction.

Strategy Development is all about who, what and why. In research language, that’s segmentation/targeting, product development, and selling proposition.

  • Determine the size and characteristics of the market that is receptive to what you offer
  • Understand the nuances in what motivates brand choice
  • Refine product features so as to optimize utility/preference relative to competitors
  • Develop unique, credible, sustainable and motivating selling propositions

Strategy Implementation is the year to year execution of the long-term strategy.

  • How best to communicate the intended selling proposition
  • Most effective way of reaching a targeted segment
  • Distribution strategies that work best for the targets
  • Promotions that will be most effective in closing sales

Strategy Performance research evaluates performance while overtly diagnosing how to improve it.

  • With our Persuasion Monitor™ we have re-engineered the standard Awareness, Image and Usage study into a tool that deconstructs the stages of persuasion to pinpoint where improvements are needed.
  • Our Operational Performance Study™ changes the focus from simply monitoring the outcome of customer experiences to diagnosing the specific breakdowns in your operations that destroy customer loyalty.

Our clients often come to us with a strategy already in place (who, what and why) but need help in refining/improving the success of their year-to-year marketing plans. Adjustments are often needed in response to fast-moving changes in a marketplace affecting how consumers in it get their information and gain access to products.